A brush, a canvas and a story: Sparking creativity with Painting & Drawing

Every Thursday morning from 9.30am, a handful of creative minds head along to John Gould’s Painting and Drawing class at The Cottage to work on various artistic projects. In celebration of Adult Learners Week, we wanted to spotlight some of our excited contributors creating magic with a paintbrush and sharing their stories.

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Isabella Olney working on her current project.

Walking into John’s class, students are immediately welcomed with an open mind and John’s poetic vision of helping explore your ‘creative mind’. John has an incredible 15-year history of teaching art and is able to share his insights and techniques to help his students paint with ease.

“I’ve only been painting for a year. I am retired, and being able to reflect on my emotions is incredibly personal to me” explained Sophie, one of John’s students. It’s only been just over a year since Sophie found her brush and begun her journey. Sophie is working on what she hopes to be a 5-piece collection of family portraits inspired by old foraged photographs. The striking piece Sophie is seen working on below is a re-representation of her parent’s wedding day in Greece. From drawing an outline to painting in the finer details, no moment was forgotten. Sophie is 2 paintings in and hopes to leave these family heirlooms for her relatives to enjoy by the end of the course.

A great thing about John’s 6-week Painting and Drawing class is its diversity, catering to all levels of artists. Whether you are an advanced artist, someone who paints or draws for pleasure, Or, an amateur like me who’s never attempted to paint before! (John says stick figures are totally fine, with a bit of ‘jazz’).

During our walk around the class, we were fascinated by Kate’s project, a take on the current drought throughout New South Wales. Funnily enough, this isn’t Kate’s first rodeo. She has been to countless of John’s classes and continues coming back every time.

“When you find a really fantastic teacher, you stick with them” – Kate.

Kate Hickey (Left) and John Gould (Right) collaborating on ideas.

The energy around the room from John’s art class was euphoric. His students were talking to each other and applauding one and other on their projects. From a teacher’s perspective, John loves what he does and hopes he will be able to do it for 15 more years to come!

Spots are still available for John’s Painting & Drawing class starting on the 18th of October. But hurry! Places fill up fast! To enrol or find out more, visit our website or contact us on (02) 6207 4441.

And find out more about ‘Adult Learners Week’, and the events happening around you by visiting adultlearnersweek.org – or follow them on Instagram here.

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