A unique gift idea in the countdown to Christmas

Are you looking for unique gift ideas in the countdown to Christmas? Look no further than textile arts!

Anyone who’s learnt about fashion would know about the ancient history of textile arts and how this craft has truly transcended time.

But for those who aren’t so familiar, this craft is fascinating, versatile and really fun to learn.

A brief history:

Textile arts have been a fundamental part of human life since the dawn of civilization.  Used for many purposes such as fashion, embroidery, decoration, protection and furnishing this ancient art uses many different materials and techniques to create desirable works of art.

The word textile comes from the Latin word texere which means to weave, to braid and to construct.

The unique thing about textile arts is that a lot of fabrics, techniques and tools are still used to the same effect in today’s age. Although the craft has evolved greatly over time the principles are still similar.

That’s what textile artist Catherine Thurstan finds most fascinating about this craft.

“Textile arts have been around since the beginning and still to this day we are using the same techniques to create artwork. Take tapestry and rug making for example, we still make them like we did all that time ago. Obviously we now use machines but the principle is still very much relevant, and I find it fascinating.”

The craft and materials are extremely versatile and you can practically create any pattern from any object, your only limit is your imagination.

“My favourite technique is free machine embroidery, which is drawing with thread. I also really love potato printing, the starch from the potatoes makes really nice patterns. It’s fun and you get the chance to just create and release your inner child.”

There are other benefits to textile art not just having fun creating beautiful art. It’s also good for the soul.

“I love the art because I find it relaxing and therapeutic. It’s so simple to make something beautiful because you don’t need to be an artist, you just need a few tools from around the house and a bit of imagination to get you started.”

Catherine will be running an upcoming art embroidery short course that will teach students how to create print patterns using common household items, use a range of machine and hand stitches to embroider and turn their work into useful items like a bag or cushion. With the countdown to Christmas beginning why not make some truly unique gifts this year.

“I’m hoping my students will find art embroidery really fun and enjoyable. They don’t have to follow the rules or a pattern they can just create.”

For more information about our upcoming course visit art embroidery short course.

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