Add a bit of sunshine to your day with a short course!

At short courses by CIT Solutions we are in the business of making sunshine every day and we want to share it with you.

We’ve just released brand NEW courses and dates ready for enrolment and we are super excited about it. So excited, in fact, we want to give you a taste of what’s NEW this Semester!

Here’s our top pick of NEW courses!

In our Mixed Media Workshop you will expand your creativity in mixed media and painting by exploring the interpretation of interior spaces using a mix of paint, ink, pencil and collage.

The Scrumbling Workshop combines a range of crochet stitches and effects all in one. Scrumbling is a fun way to extend your basic crochet skills while using up your leftover wool.

The iPhoneography Field Trip helps you develop your iphoneography skills in the historic town of Goulburn where you’ll take portraits, landscapes, close-up and heaps of other arty stuff on your iPhone, iPad or Android.

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We still have all your favourite courses available with brand NEW dates.

Here’s our top picks of the classics!

The Writing Practice is a boot camp for wordsmiths designed to help you master description, find your unique voice or get to grips with story structure using a mix of inspiring ideas and practical exercises.

In Paving DIY you’ll learn how to choose the right materials, construction methods and design for your next paving project. This hands-on course will teach you cutting, layering and the tools needed to get you started.

Fishing with the kids will teach you the basics required to confidently take the kids fishing with you AND catch fish.

In our series of Cake Decorating courses, you can will learn the basics right through to intermediate cake decorating level.

Find your own little piece of sunshine with a short course by CIT Solutions.

Want to explore more of our 200 plus short courses we have on offer? Browse our course list today.



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