6 hot reasons to get to Canberra Glassworks


We heart our partners at Canberra Glassworks.

Our relationship allows you to connect with one of the premiere facilities in the region for glass art, sculpture and practical glassblowing. So, naturally, we think you should take it up this spring and summer!

1.  Make your own bling

Glass beads are beautiful. They catch the light, often trapping it in their vibrant colours. Why wait to be given glass bead jewellery when you can make your own with artist Carole Griffiths!

2.  Give your art a new dimension

Drawing on paper is so yesterday – all the cool kids are doing it on glass now! Seriously, though – the Glass engraving classes are a fantastic opportunity to express yourself in a different medium, with the chance to sketch or put calligraphy onto tumblers or floatglass.

3.  Play with fire

Flameworking is the exciting art of melting and shaping glass over a hot torch or flame – you can make almost anything! From elaborate perfume bottles to simple marbles, the only limit is your imagination – and skill!

4.  Keep cool while making something hot

If you’re not so keen on the idea of all that fire, then Glass Casting is perfect for you! Model a sculpture in clay and plaster, then see it transform into a gorgeous glass replica. So don’t sweat it – there’s still something cool for you to do at Glassworks.

 5.  Let the light in

There aren’t many decorative arts that blend form and function as beautifully as creating a stained glass window for your home. Window of Light and Colour allows attendees to do just that – you’ll come away with a gorgeous 36x24cm panel to install in your house, made by cutting and fusing coloured glass.

 6.  Make beautiful dining accessories

Glassworks’ unique Create a Plate course will see you learning to fuse glass from every colour of the rainbow (and then some)! Participants walk away with a beautiful square plate and two coasters – which could make for the ultimate handmade Christmas present!

 So get your old clothes out and prepare yourself for the hands-on work of serious art that’s literally on fire!

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