5 great courses we’d pick if we could win our competition


Sometimes we feel so jealous of our beloved students, and this week is no exception!

You guys could win any (that’s right, ANY) course you like with our new ‘Win Your Dream Course’ competition. While we were drooling over the course calendar, the team may have let slip what they wished they could do this term…

Silver Precious Metal Clay Jewellery

How good is the idea of making your own (very sophisticated) bling?! Why waste an entire Sunday trawling around the shops looking for something to accessorise your Christmas party outfit with when you can express yourself and come away with a necklace or earrings that will show off your personality?


Courtyard and Balcony Gardens

Our lovely course coordinator Liselle has just bought a new flat (congrats, Liselle!) and she’s still planning out how she’s going to bring her balcony to life this spring and summer. That’s where our garden expert Keith Colls steps in with his top notch short course on making the most of a small space. As for introducing edibles onto the balcony, his biggest tip is to start with herbs – they love pots and they’re difficult to kill, so they won’t turn you off before you’ve started!

Keeping a writer’s journal

Sometimes it’s hard to keep the creative literary brain alive; especially when most Canberrans do the kinds of jobs that demand their analytical and problem-solving skills in the office. Beat the brain drain and let your imagination take a walk by giving yourself a couple of basic creative structures for generating better material and producing a more satisfying creative journal.

One Night Stand: Provence

One Night Stand: Provence 

Ooh la laaaa! If there’s one thing our team loves more than spending time in the kitchen with Claude, it’s spending time with Claude ‘in’ Provence! His cheekily named One Night Stand series whips around his homeland, with this particular edition landing our eyes and tastebuds in the lavender-scented countryside of southern France.

The best part is that it only takes one night – perfect for us time-strapped career types!

Effective Goal Setting

Even though we seem to be drowning in organisational tools these days (iCal, Outlook, Trello, lists…it makes me nervous just thinking about them) it takes a certain level of skill to order your time – especially if you want to include all these fab fun things to do!

Now it’s your turn!

Here’s the best part. While we can’t win these courses, you can! Which Term 4 course could be the start of your new hobby? Don’t forget to enter the competition on our Facebook page between September 19th and the 2nd of October![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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