4 steps to making as much money as Ed Sheeran




Look, you might not be making 15,000 pounds a day (that’s over AUD$32,000) in your satisfying professional career, but do you really want to be as rich as Ed? Really? All that money? Doing something creative and fun?

All right, if you insist.

1. Take up the guitar, maybe?

Look, let’s start with the basics. You’re gonna need to play songs if you want to make songs. As compelling as that Youtube tutorial that taught you how to play Wonderwall was, you’re going to need to learn from someone who knows what they’re doing in person. And kids these days don’t know who Oasis is, anyway.

2. Learn how to record your masterpieces.

You learned to play; you’ve whacked together some chord progressions and wailed about your feelings a bit. You are basically better than Miley Cyrus at this point (maybe not actually, Wrecking Ball is a very good song).

It’s time to lay down some tracks. But you don’t know Logic. AHHH!

Chill out, bae. You can learn it in Braddon.

3. Get your look right.

I know, Ed Sheeran just looks like he rolled out of a hedge sometimes. But do you have any idea how carefully planned and executed that Hedge-rolled look is?!

Better get your style in order.

4. Sell it.

You have songs, you have swagger – but no-one knows who you are. Whoops! This is clearly the secret of Ed Sheeran’s success – in addition to being good at things, people know who he IS!! Genius.

It’s cool, you can build a website, chuck some songs up on Youtube and you’ll be discovered. Right? Right.

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