Let it snow…Canberra!?


We’re headed for the coldest cold snap in half a decade this weekend (eek!), with some forecasts predicting snow flurries and all manner of frozen business (parents, strap yourself in for a very long weekend and prepare to ‘let it go’).

So how do true Territorians react? We batten down the hatches and stay inside, goshdarnit! Avoid cabin fever with these handy tips for staying indoors.


Whip up a hearty soup

It sounds obvious, but one of the quickest ways to warm up is from the inside. Check out this amazing list of soups put together by the good people at Buzzfeed, and then enrol in our Winter Soups and Bread or Comfort Food for Winter course when your cream of mushroom doesn’t look like the picture and you need a little reassurance that you are a grown-up who can cook nice things.

Buzzfeed/Jennifer Maloney
Buzzfeed/Jennifer Maloney

Put up curtains

Hang on, you want me to do DIY in this weather?! I’m out…”

Wait! Don’t go! I’m not talking about the potentially traumatic ordeal of replacing all your curtains and fittings. Changing the curtains in just one room for something heavier and more energy efficient will make your home cosier and save you dosh! If you realise that you don’t know the first thing about interior design, then funnily enough we have a course for that…


Make some hot booze

Yes, tea and hot chocolate are excellent choices to warm the cockles of your heart, but there is something very alpine about (responsibly consumed) warm tipple. Try a hot toddy, warm cider or mulled wine. Don’t know which wine you want to squander on a hot cocktail full of cinnamon and other potentially taste-masking ingredients? Maybe you could take up wine appreciation…


Get Netflix

Or some other sort of streaming, sitting-friendly entertainment service. Seriously. There are probably enough movies and TV shows on that thing to get you through a nuclear apocalypse, let alone one cold weekend. Bonus points if you binge watch an entire season of a cooking show without doing any cooking.

Unless this adorable little jerk steals all the wool. (Deposit Photos)
Unless this adorable little jerk steals all the wool. (Deposit Photos)

Do something with your hands

Since we are in the business of making and doing here at the Centre for Short Courses, we would be remiss if we didn’t suggest doing something productive with your time in voluntary confinement. Knitting, crochet, and learning to trade shares are all homely, traditional pastimes that will make you feel better about all that Netflix you watched on Saturday.

So stay warm, snuggle down, and we’ll see you on the other side of the snowstorm!

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